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Architectural steel structural works

Architectural steel structural works Bertazzon is proactive when proposing its new ideas in the field of architectural steel structural, work to meet different needs and with the aim of greater efficiency and fair costs:
• Stadium roofings
• Plain or architecturally complex industrial roofings
• Load-bearing roofings for buildings
• Simple or complex support structures for facades
• Load-bearing structures for different machinery
• Dry bridges
• Large size silos
• Ski lifts
• Mechanical and steel structural work
• Steel structural work for driers
• Plants for public means of transport
• Structures for sun trackers
• Fixed structures for solar energy systems
• Bridges
• Gateways for pedestrians or bicycles
• Formworks for concrete casting
• Wagons for different purposes
• Reinforcements for large boilers
• Simple or rolled noise barriers
• Trestles or towers
• Architectural or safety stairs
• Special lifting beams for lifting operations according to the customer’s drawing

The very high quality and certified materials are purchased from reliable and well-known suppliers.
A wide range of materials is always in stock to be able to start an order rapidly and reduce the delivery time: this is a key to success.

10 years warranty for the primary works
20 years warranty for hot galvanising
5 years warranty for paint


• Rolling and bending of small and large profiles
• Welding of special beams in flow line or up to 24 m
• Robotized welding: two workstations 8 + 8 m
• Cutting and drilling line for profile up to 15 m
• Hydraulic press 400 t 

Machines for bending beams and pipes
They are powerful machines for very complex machining operations.

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