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Stainless steel for the Nuclear Power Plant of Chernobyl - Ukraine الأعمال الجارية

Stainless steel and mechanical structures for sealing and inspection of the Chernobyl Sarcophagus (New Safe Confinement of the Nuclear Power Plant of Chernobyl - Ukraine) 

The Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant safe confinement shelter project involves the construction of an arc-shaped sarcophagus cover to be placed over the Unit 4 Chernobyl facility. The sealing in the vertical walls of the arch head is ensured with the implementation of concrete walls in the lower part and by a membrane at the top. The structures produced by Bertazzon, denominated "Flashing Anchors", are the interface between the concrete walls (both on the horizontal and the vertical lines) with a mechanical system of bushings & pins and a membrane which is locked to the flashing with a stainless steel element.        
All flashing that are horizontally installed are also equipped with access walkways protected by suitable parapet both from the internal & external sides. These internal walkways will serve as access for future maintenance of the sealing membrane.

Weight: 110000 kg 

Period of contract: 2016