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Dolmen Hotel St. Paul's Bay (Malta) الأعمال الجارية

Dolmen Room and Entrance Canopy Coverage

The Dolmen Room's main covering structure - with 20x20 meters planes - is made up of a series of twin-beam beams arranged on two levels and made of 300x200x16 mm current tubes and diagonals 200x150x12,5 mm for a total weight of 42 tons. The four lower elements are fixed to concrete columns using chemical anchors. The four tops are instead bolted with flanges and angles with an interesting interlocking game. Completing the structure 4 trusses IPE 600 on which is fixed a sheet metal mantle corrugated from 8/10 mm. Length of beams: 11 meters.

The good relationship established with the property in the construction of the Dolmen Room, led in the short term to the realization of the entrance hall of the Hotel. It is a structure made up of 6 inclined columns and associated tubular beams 450x250x12.5 mm, which form fan-opening portals in the hotel's circular lobby. Portals are connected to each other with smaller pipes. These are laterally bolted with retractable fixing system and support all the cover made of 16 mm thick tempered glass panels superimposed on each other by using spacers in AISI 316 and teflon thicknesses. Rainwater is conveyed to gutter lines flowing through the main profiles. Wisely hidden led strips provide widespread lighting on the bottom of the glass. Main portal length: 15 meters.

Weight: 42 tons (Room) 18 tons (Canopy)

Period of contract: 2017