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Contiguous Movable Roofing (Foggia - Italy) الأعمال الجارية

Contiguous Movable Roofing with male - female insertion, designed with ground discharge of the parasitic currents
Upon request directly expressed by Dott. Franco Tozzi of Tozzi Group, and working on his intuition, Bertazzon has realized a removable roofing system with male-female insertion in order to be able to stack in a contiguous manner, and making sure that such insertion act also by eaves of muddy water disposal.

The peculiarity of this product is that it represents a pilot project for Tozzi Group as well as an important innovation: starting with a concept and the intuition of a man, Bertazzon has created the world's first covering system used to protect the straw that constantly feeds the Biomasse plant in Ascoli Satriano - Foggia.

From an initial sample, and following its positive result, Officine Bertazzon has produced 269 modules covering an extensive area of 20,000 square meters.

A note of merit is that the design of the electrostatic discharges has also been refined by designing a special grounding system in order to eliminate lightning-induced parasitic currents, Faraday cages that could trigger heat-points and consequent fire than what is protected by the roofs made.

Period of contract: 2017