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Turn-key Project for the extension of the industrial plant of Adige Spa (BLM Group) in Levico Terme - Italy الأعمال الجارية

Design&Build Project for the realisation of a reticular metal cover with shed for the New Industrial Plant of Adige 7 (Adige spa - BLM Group) 

Bertazzon is providing the design - Calculation Report, Massive Calculation Report (in order to certify the fireproofing characteristics of steel structures), detailed engineering, prefabrication, fire retardant treatment and on-site assembly of round-section tubular structures for the construction of a roof of consisting of a system of lattice beams placed between inverted T-shaped CAP beams to form a system of beams and shed windows that are part of the supply.

The main structure consists of a welded lattice truss in pipe of various diameters and elements connected to it by means of hinged joints in order to make it slimmer and easy to assemble.

The roof cladding is made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 200 mm in rock wool in order to guarantee the fire resistance required by the project, flashings and waterproofing sheaths polyolefin type.

The type of high-quality swing windows provided – either openable or fixed - has been designed to guarantee maximum energy efficiency and safety while offering a building of great architectural value.


The work internally is completed by walkways for installations and externally by a system of external cantilever roofs, steel structures for covering for vehicles.

Weight: 520000 kg

MQ Coverage: 15000

Period of contract: 2018